boiler flue gas translation formula 6

Experimental investigation on flue gas emissions of a ...

Feb 23 2010 · When the boiler was in an idle state i.e. after the boiler reached the set water temperature but before restarting flue gas compositions were measured before and after the injection of 60 l/min of the tracer gas (Figure 6). Using Formula (2) and the data shown in Figure 6 the flue gas flow rate when the boiler was in a idle state was ...

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Stack Losses General Methodology

Determine the CO 2 in flue gas % by volume dry gas basis from the relationship to measured O 2 as described for each fuel. Express the actual unit output as a percentage of the maximum capacity rating. Step 2: Calculate dry flue gas (DG) lb/lb fuel. The ASME formula for wt of dry flue gas is:

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