boiler simple water film dust removal structure

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This equipment is mainly composed of the main cylinder upper note cistern lower spillway hole cleaning eye its working principle is: flue gas into the cylinder the cylinder is a round cylinder upper injection water from filter tank into the cylinder make whole cylinder wall to form a layer of 3-5 cm of water film flows from top and bottom flue gas from the cylinder bottom tangential to and in the cylinder body rotation dust

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Washing dust collector also known as wet dust collector which uses water as the medium the use of water network water film water droplets to capture smoke and dust the flue gas to be purified. This dust collector has the advantages of simple structure high investment high dust removal efficiency and certain decontamination effect on harmful substances in flue gas.

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Jul 01 2017 · Note that when using flue gas condensation as the X-axis and dust removal efficiency as the Y-axis the homogeneous condensation and the dust removal efficiency have positive correlation as Fig. 6(c) shows. It can be deduced that the comparison of the influence of inlet condensate volume and dust concentration on system function ability.

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