gas boiler ignition allowed signal

Hot Surface Igniter Operation and Troublehooting

Mar 01 2001 · The strength of the signal required to prove the flame and therefore to keep the gas valve open is dependent on the control module and varies from one control manufacturers brand to another. Signal strength can be affected by the type of burner position of the igniter in the flame age of the igniter type of gas coating on the igniter ...

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In a gas-fired heater having a main burner assembly including a plurality of multiport main burners at least one multiport pilot burner extending across a plurality of main burners for igniting main burner gas flow and at least one ignition means for igniting pilot burner gas flow the improvement comprising: ultraviolet radiation sensing means positioned behind the pilot burner so that the ports of said pilot

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Understanding Flame Safeguards - Heating Help

Aug 13 2015 · If the flame goes out on a 1000000 Btuh boiler with a thermocouple and the thermocouple response time is 2 minutes the boiler will have about 16 cubic feet of gas and mixed with the combustion air would equal about 240 cubic feet of explosive mixture. Contrast that with a boiler with a modern flame safeguard with a 4 second response time.

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