boiler water ion exchange resin backwash

(PDF) Utilization of Ion-Exchange Technology for Boiler ...

Oct 24 2016 · Keywords Boiler feed water ion exchange resin ... two membrane cleaning methods were investigated and the air backwash method was found to be

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The underdrain system located at the bottom of the vessel retains ion exchange resin in the tank evenly collects the service flow and evenly distributes the backwash flow. Uneven collection of water in service or uneven distribution of the backwash water can result in channeling resin fouling or resin loss.

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Chapter 08- Ion Exchange Water Demineralization & Resin ...

A mixed bed exchanger has both cation and anion resin mixed together in a single vessel. As water flows through the resin bed the ion exchange process is repeated many times "polishing" the water to a very high purity. During regeneration the resin is separated into distinct cation and anion fractions as shown in Figure 8-12. The resin is separated by backwashing with the lighter anion resin settling on top of the cation resin.

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