whether the boiler of biomass fuel requires desulfurization

Ammonia-Based Flue Gas Desulfurization | Power Engineering

Jul 12 2017 · Flue gas desulfurization ... For a 1000 MW boiler firing 1 percent sulfur coal the amount of gypsum is approximately 550 tons (short)/day. ... higher process water consumption and pumping energy ...

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Biogas | Desulfurization SulfaTrap

Biogas is produced as a byproduct of anaerobic digestion or by decomposition of organic wastes into methane and carbon dioxide. Effective utilization of biogas in fuel cell applications requires the removal of impurities such as sulfur (e.g. hydrogen sulfide mercaptans and disulfides) and siloxanes to prevent degradation of cell stacks and poisoning of the catalysts used in the fuel processor.

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