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Water Treatment Storage and Blowdown for Steam Boilers ...

Hardness. Water is referred to as being either hard or soft. Hard water contains scale-forming impurities while soft water contains little or none. The difference can easily be recognised by the effect of on soap. Much more soap is required to make a lather with hard than with .

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Boiler feed water - Lenntech

The boiler receives the feed water which consists of varying proportion of recovered condensed water (return water) and fresh water which has been purified in varying degrees (make up water). The make-up is usually natural either in its raw state or treated by some process before use.

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industrial water: process water - Degremont®

1 to 5 L of water are required to produce each litre of beverage; a proportion of this water forms part of the finished product and therefore this water must meet drinking water standards. Industrials continue to optimise the quantity of water used; some are close to a ratio of 1L of

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