gas boiler exhaust particulate concentration

concentration control of particulate matter in gas boiler ...

Domestic Boiler Emission Testing - London. This real world study did not collect data on particulate matter concentrations due to adverse weather on test days nor quantify the amount of exhaust gas emitted from the flue as domestic boilers are not installed with the kind of measurement ports associated with industrial plant.

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[Emission Concentration and Characteristics of Particulate ...

The results showed that the emission concentration of FPM in the exhaust gas of the coal-fired boiler with ultra-low emissions was between 1.04 mg·m-3 and 1.11 mg·m-3 in standard smoke oxygen content and that of TPM was between 3.82 mg·m-3 and 8.69 mg·m-3 which all met the national ultra-low emission limit (10 mg·m-3).

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