boiler hydrazine determination formula

hydrazine 302-01-2

hydrazine hydrate is a colorless liquid containing 63.4% hydrazine (1:1 n2h4:h2o). aqueous solutions with lower hydrazine contents are also available. a 35% aqueous solution is commonly used for boiler treatment applications. hydrazine greater than or equal to 98.5 wt%; water less than or equal to 1.0 wt%; chloride less than or equal ...

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Spectrophotometric determination of hydrazine - ScienceDirect

The relative standard deviation is 1.7% (n = 10) at 6 g of hydrazine. Interferences due to foreign ions have been studied and the method has been applied for the determination of hydrazine in boiler

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ASTM D1385 - 07(2018)e1 Standard Test Method for Hydrazine ...

5.1 Hydrazine is a man-made chemical and is not found in natural waters. The determination of hydrazine is usually made on boiler feedwaters process waters and other waters that have been treated with hydrazine (N 2 H 4) for the purpose of maintaining residuals to prevent corrosion by dissolved oxygen. This reducing chemical reacts with dissolved oxygen to form nitrogen and water.

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