what is the switch on the wall-mounted boiler

What Is a Boiler Flow Switch? This Simple Guide Explains ...

Mar 24 2017 · The boiler flow switch is a boiler safety feature or device that prevents the burner from firing in times when the flow of water is interrupted. If your boiler flow switch

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wenevone condensing wall-mounted boiler switch

Boiler on/off switch. The simplest boiler control is the on/off switch. ... Page 1 24/28 24/28 Condensing wall mounted Combination Boiler Installation Pump At Rear Side 13 - Water Pressure Switch/Sensor 14 - D.H.W. Page 8: Characteristics 24/28 3.7 An integral pump located in the main 3. Characteristics. hydraulic circuit ...

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How a boiler works A guide to your gas boiler | Viessmann

A gas boiler functions in a similar way to oil or biomass boilers with the central element being the burner; this is switched on and off by a heating control.You can either trigger the switch manually or by setting the thermostat to react when the temperature drops below a certain level.. A Piezo ignition ignites for a period of one to two seconds and then after around one second the gas ...

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