how much is the total alkalinity standard of boiler softening water

Testing Alkalinity In Boiler Water - Taylor Technologies

Typically as boiler operating pressure increases so does the need for higher purity water. At the same time water treaters need to maintain a minimum level of OH alkalinity (generally over 150 ppm as CaCO 3) to prevent scaling tendencies while ensuring excess alkalinity doesn't interfere with other chemical treatment components. In cooling water treatment professionals aim to control alkalinity (and pH) to

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Boiler Water Treatment Guidelines; Columbia Boiler Co

High boiler solids will lead to foaming priming surging and carry over. These problems can be overcome by proper daily blowdown of the boiler. Alkalinity. The alkalinity of boiler water should be sufficiently high enough to protect shell and plates against acidic corrosion but not high enough to produce carryover. A minimum value for alkalinity for adequate protection is High boiler alkalinity which is in

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ASME Guidelines for Water Tube Boilers Drum Pressure Iron Copper Total Silica Total Conductivity (psig) Hardness Alkalinity 0-300 0.100 0.050 0.300 150 *700 7000 301-450 0.050 0.025 0.300 90 *600 6000 451-600 0.03 0.020 0.200 40 *500 5000 * must not be

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