burner servo motor cam regulation


position of a flapper-type servo valve which is metered fuel pressure is increased sufficiently to supplied with regulated high-pressure fuel through a fried bleed orifice.

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Efficient Combustion for Increasesd Boiler Efficiency

A mechanical compound regulation burner on the other hand has a single servomotor with mechanical linkages connected to the air damper and backpressure oil regulator with mechanical cams. The Intelligent Combustion Manager or ICM of an ECR burner ensures precise control of air and fuel through continuous modulation with respect to steam load.

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boiler burner servo motor regulating cam role

How to adjust the air of the hot water boiler burner . Apr 08 2021 · The second type is the air adjustment installation of the sliding type oil-fired hot water boiler burner: 1: The principle of air oil conditioning: the cam organization is driven by the servo motor to turn clockwise to the high fire position which can adjust the spring belt drive the air door baffle connector and open the ...

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