natural gas pot furnace flue gas coagulation water ph adjustment

Flue Gas Water Vapor Latent Heat Recovery for Pressurized ...

DI WATER IN 80°F >200 PSIG 1-5 GPM FLUE GAS IN 350°F 200 PSIG 14800 SCFH FLUE GAS OUT 200°F 198 PSIG 6170 SCFH WATER OUT 146°F 2-6 GPM 100°F 190 PSIG 20.5 GPM. CW. 100 ° F 146°F. PDT 23 TT FT Two configurations can be easily changed online for pilot testing. TMC Test System Configuration and Control Design

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As an example consider a boiler burning natural gas. The final flue gas temperature has been measured to be 400°F and the ambient temperature has been measured as 70°F. The net stack temperature is 330°F (400°F - 70°F = 330°F). Flue gas oxygen content was measured with a portable combustion analyzer as 8.0% dry gas sample.

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Combustion Efficiency Optimization Manual for Operators of ...

Flue gas temp. C02 - flue gas 02 - flue gas CO - flue gas Combustion effeciency % psig °F °F °F % % ppm % Date Relevant comments (flame appearance furnace conditions new permanent change; Figure D-2.

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