is there a copper in the boiler

Copper in Feedwater - Boiler and Pressure Vessel ...

Jun 19 2003 · The copper will deposit on the waterside of your boiler tubes causing overheating and tube failure. Once this happens you have to chemically clean your boiler. The copper gets in the feedwater from condenser tubes and feedwater heater tubes when there is oxygen in the feedwater. You can feed chemicals to remove the oxygen. Bill Blackwell P.E.

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Water Handbook - Preboiler & Industrial Boiler Corrosion ...

Both iron and the copper are removed from the boiler and the boiler surfaces can then be passivated. In most cases the copper is localized in certain tube banks and causes random pitting. When deposits contain large quantities of copper oxide or metallic copper special precautions are required to prevent the plating out of copper during ...

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Is copper a problem in boiler feedwater?

Mar 26 2013 · 2001. A. Doug - Yes copper in boiler feedwater can cause problems. The boiler chemicals that are used are there to help form a magnetite coating on the boiler tubes and protect them from corrosion. Magnetite is black oxide and most black oxide chemistries have rectifiers in them to help control metals that otherwise would inhibit the black oxide conversion.

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