snodium phosphate cleaning boiler scale

why trisodium phosphate dosing in boiler drum CFBC ...

Trisodium Phosphate dosing is done in boiler drum which react with scale forming salts like calcium cloridecalcium sulphate. 3 cacl2 + 2 na3 po4 = ca3 (po4)2 +6 nacl the sludge collected in bottom header which can be removed by operating low points drain. phosphate dosing is done to prevent scale formation in boiler

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Water Handbook - Chemical Cleaning Of Steam Generator ...

Thus as boiler water is heated the solubility of scale-forming salts is exceeded and crystallization takes place on the boiler heating surfaces. Removal of deposits has advantages other than minimization of failures. Cleaning reveals the true boiler metal condition allowing more complete inspection.

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